Katie MacBride: “Caring for Sally”

Katie MacBride: “Caring for Sally”

In honor of National Recovery Month, which starts today, we’re featuring personal photos from people in recovery showing what their sobriety means to them. Here’s our first picture, from Katie MacBride: “The simple act of taking a walk with my dog on the beach would have been too complicated for me pre-sobriety and now it’s one of the biggest joys in my life.”

Addiction.com Staff Written By Addiction.com Staff

Welcome to National Recovery Month 2015

Welcome to National Recovery Month 2015

What does recovery look like for you? In honor of National Recovery Month — which starts today — Addiction.com invites you to submit a photo and caption that captures how you’ve found a better, happier and healthier life in sobriety.

Addiction Staff Written By Addiction Staff

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