Decision Comes First – The Rest is Tenacity

Decision Comes First – The Rest is Tenacity

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.” – Amelia Earhart, noted American aviation pioneer and author (1897-1937)

Decision Comes First – The Rest is TenacityMaking a decision is often incredibly difficult. While it may seem like only the toughest, most complex issues or problems are the ones that cause us such distress and result in sometimes interminable delay in reaching a decision, such is not always the case. It can be that the trivial or somewhat unimportant decisions, especially if they start to add up, are the ones that precipitate a stagnation and inability to come to any decision whatsoever.

What are we to do when we run into a wall of indecision? How can we get past the roadblock and overcome the hurdle so we can start to take necessary action? Here are some tips that may help:

  • Recognize that there may be several different answers and that we have the right to choose among them to decide what may be best – in this instance, at this time, for us.
  • Allow for the possibility that we may not immediately be successful, and don’t let that become a fear that paralyzes us. In other words, be willing to make mistakes, for in the long run, it’s often by making mistakes that we learn the most valuable lessons.
  • Be persistent. If a solution isn’t readily apparent and it’s causing us distress, lay out potential options and weigh and balance them. Don’t just put the list aside and forget about it. We know this requires a decision from us, so indefinite procrastination will only cause us more distress.
  • Seek the advice and encouragement from loved ones, family members, close friends and others in our social network whose counsel we value. Often, we’ll hear something we may not have considered but that may open our eyes to new possibilities.
  • Regard decision-making as a positive step. Instead of seeing obstacles (situations, problems or issues, or people) as things to avoid at all costs, start looking at making the decisions regarding them as a proactive step we can take, one that makes us more self-confident, increases our self-esteem, and contributes to greater happiness.

Of course, once we’ve come to a decision about what to do, the next step is to get busy doing it. Keep in mind that the effort required may take longer than we’d like or require more than we currently have in the way of resources or skills. Be tough and willing to stick it out to completion. The rewards will be worth everything we put into the experience.

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