Let Your Mind Soar

Let Your Mind Soar

“Sitting like a mountain let your mind rise and fly and soar.” – Sogyal Rinpoche

Let Your Mind SoarWhen we hear the word “soar,” what does it bring to mind? Is it a feeling of freedom, being unfettered, free to go where we wish whenever we want? What’s stopping us in our everyday pursuit of such freedom? Could it be that we’re allowing daily distractions and obligations, stress and tension, problems and issues to get in the way? What’s more, even if we do recognize that this is what is happening, what can we do to get past it? How do we let our mind soar?

It’s a daunting proposition, to be sure, trying to figure out how to be still and quiet the mind, freeing ourselves from all that is discordant and gnaws at our center. In order to find a sense of balance, to begin to feel peace, we need to be able to do this, but how? Not everyone is practiced at meditation, so as much as we might like to sit like a mountain and give our mind rise to flight, we may find it difficult to do so. What then?

First of all, it’s going to be different for each person. You might be able to go out on a starry night, stare up at the heavens, and let your mind empty. I might need a quiet room, a closed door, and a firm insistence to loved ones and family members that I not be disturbed – and even then I may not be successful. Others may find that deep breathing exercises, walking in nature, closing their eyes and allowing thoughts to come and then go without lingering to cause distress may work.

Or, they just may begin the practice of meditation.

Don’t be scared off by meditation. It’s not all that difficult and you don’t need to practice it for years in order to realize the benefits. What meditation really is, at its core, is learning to let yourself be – learning how to be free of the distractions, petty annoyances, stress and troubles that ceaselessly peck at you and try to mess you up.

There is no magic to this, although once you’ve felt the freedom that results from regular meditation, it certainly seems so. It is, however, very much a proactive step that you can take to find that rightful sense of balance, peace and harmony. Clearing out the clutter is another highly beneficial aspect of regular meditation.

What we also learn is that we have the power and capability to find that inner strength and calm, to release our mind from its confines in the cage of chaos and calamity and find respite in imagination, in dreams, in pursuit of long-held goals. In short, we can learn to allow our minds to not only rise and begin to fly, but to soar above all the world and anything that seeks to contain our hope, determination, and desire for something worthwhile.

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