Vision – Seeing What Others Cannot Imagine

Vision – Seeing What Others Cannot Imagine

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” – Henry Ford, American industrialist, founder of Ford Motor Company and founder of the modern assembly lines used in mass production of vehicles (1864-1947)

Vision – Seeing What Others Cannot ImagineHaving a limited field of vision is what hampers many people from taking on challenges, pushing themselves and their abilities to the limits and realizing dreams they never knew they had. But it isn’t only others who suffer from this debilitating lack of vision. Each of us can point to a time and place where we felt we weren’t able to see much beyond the present. We may even claim that we lack vision, as if that somehow lets us off the hook and gives us a palatable reason for insisting on the status quo.

What’s the harm in removing the barriers, making a conscious effort to look past what may be temporarily holding us back or preventing us from imagining life any different? Will it cost us? Likely, not, except in the briefest amount of time we allocate to the endeavor. And does that detract at all from all the other items on our agenda? Again, likely not, for taking some moments to ponder and wonder and dream are like giving a thirsty plant water – it feeds and nourishes and makes us stronger.

Sometimes we have a dream that we dare not acknowledge. It could be that we’re afraid others will laugh or try to deter us from pursuing it. They may say we shouldn’t go to all that trouble, or tell us that it couldn’t possibly be a success, given our track record of not-so-complete accomplishments. If we listen to them, we sabotage our future. If we nurture our dream and hold fast to it, we’re giving ourselves much-needed beta-carotene and antioxidants to improve our vision.

It doesn’t matter a whit that others cannot see what we imagine. All that matters is that we can see and that we follow up on that vision with concrete action. Granted, not every dream we can imagine will come true, but a great many are possible – if we’re willing to ignore the naysayers, stay true to our desire, put in the required hard work and time, and persist despite any and all obstacles that we encounter along the way.

We may not think of faster horses; instead, we’re seeing a future where the unimaginable becomes reality, and we’re at the epicenter of this change. If not for vision, where would mankind be? Would we not still be stuck in some dank, dark cave huddled together to stay warm, afraid of the unknown, unwilling to venture forth? Thankfully, we’ve progressed to such an extent that we’re willing to take some calculated risks. That’s definitely where vision comes in.

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