More Than Restless: Love Addiction Is Real

You go from love relationship to love relationship, without being able to stop yourself.

When one relationship ends, you immediately start thinking about a new one. You even feel restless and anxious when you’re not involved in a relationship.

This is more than just inconvenient; it could be the symptoms of love addiction, a progressive condition that can be seriously life disrupting.

In fact, a recent Chicago Tribune article states that being addicted to love may be similar to living with an addiction to drugs. Brain changes occur, especially in the pleasure centers, and over time, people with love addiction become accustomed to their brain experiencing that heady feeling of love all the time. When the brain settles in to the experience of love, and the pleasurable feelings become less intense, the person with love addiction may feel compelled to start all over again.

Another complication of love addiction is that the person affected may immediately assume the worst and believe the relationship is bound to end when a natural relationship problem arises. Many times, the person blames this relationship problem on the partner, when their own underlying need for fulfillment is driving the problem.

People living with love addiction may also be more likely to develop a sexual addiction. The two addictions can often share common ground in a person’s difficulty developing and keeping close, personal relationships. Rather than face deep-seated relationship problems, a person with love addiction may retreat altogether. Similarly, a person with sex addiction may retreat from forming personal connections and avoid inner conflicts through repeated sexual behaviors.

Professional help is needed to begin recovering from love addiction. Often this is centered around identifying triggers that may have left emotional holes in a person, and creating a strategy to fill those holes with a more genuine, committed relationship that doesn’t just fade away.

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