Dennis Rodman Admits Alcohol Abuse

Dennis Rodman faces his toughest foe yet – alcoholism – and his story is being shared across ESPN stories and other sources.

Although Rodman has been away from NBA courts for more than a decade, he still remains a figure in frequently occurring headlines regarding his struggles with alcoholism, a risk-laden lifestyle and his personal comments about not succeeding as a dad.

Recently ESPN portrayed Rodman’s story on a program called Outside the Lines, including comments by the former NBA star that he fathered a daughter – now 24 years old – that he has barely ever seen. Although Rodman declares he wants things to be different, recent articles point to the reality that the message his actions are sending is a different one.

Reports are circulating of Dennis Rodman out consuming alcohol and spending time in bars several nights each week, and Rodman’s own declarations of having nearly lost his life to alcohol are contributing to further media attention. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid child support are also reported toward the former basketball Hall of Fame member, but his excessive drinking seems to carry the most alarming messages – with Rodman saying himself that he believes he may eventually die due to excessive abuse of alcohol.

Alcoholism is a progressive disease that requires professional help to reach recovery, affecting millions of families each year across all social classes and lifestyles. Research continues to show the depth of biological, emotional and brain-based changes related to the addiction, and successful treatment typically involves a range of methods and encourages family participation.

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