CVS Pharmacy Targeting Problem Doctors

For years now, painkiller abuse has been rampant in the state of Florida due to loose legislation and lax monitoring of pain clinics. According to the Charleston Gazette, several months ago the CVS Pharmacy cracked down on Florida doctors, telling a number of them they will no longer fill their prescriptions written for painkillers or other addictive drugs.

CVS has over 700 Florida locations and will not say the amount of doctors they notified with the official letter telling them prescriptions will no longer be filled at their stores. One doctor claims CVS has pegged him a criminal and he has fired back with legal action. Many are praising CVS for taking this measure since Florida has reached an all time high in abuse of prescription drugs, and is seeing epidemic proportions of abuse and overdoses.

In 2010, 90% of all Oxycodone was purchased from doctors in Florida. CVS spokesman, Mike DeAngelis said that while CVS regrets any inconveniences they have caused their customers, they do treat the distribution of controlled substances with the most serious care and awareness. CVS maintains that they are unwavering in their compliance and prevention efforts to keep drug abuse controlled and these substances free from the wrong hands. Law enforcement officials have targeted local drug rings in the state by monitoring doctors who supply prescriptions at pain clinics to be sold on the streets. Last July, lawmakers enforced legislation that increased penalties on doctors and later banned most from dispensing painkillers in their offices.

It is uncertain what impact this decision from CVS will have, as they are the first to take such public action in the fight against prescription painkiller abuse.

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