ADHD Drugs In Short Supply

Hundreds of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) patients are complaining daily to the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) because they are unable to fill their prescriptions due to short supplies at their pharmacies.

These shortages are the result of a troublesome partnership between the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the drug manufacturers. While the manufacturer wants to maximize their profit, the DEA wants to cut down on drug abuse. Many college students are now using the drug to help them study, lose weight or get high. Caught in the middle of this problem are the millions of adults and children who actually need the medicine to help them remain calm and focused, according to a recent online article. The shortages appear to be most common with the more generic versions of the drugs, which are less expensive.

FDA officials say shortages are due to overly strict DEA regulations, while the DEA speculates the shortage is because the FDA is making more of only expensive pills in order to create imbalances with supply and demand. The situation has made for a rare disagreement among the two agencies, and FDA Associate Director Valerie Jensen says they have reached out to the DEA and explained the shortage issues.

The DEA believes the supply of drugs is sufficient, and Agent Gary Boggs maintains that quota issues are outside their area of responsibility. Drug manufacturers are responsible for the expected demand as far as allotted portions go and the DEA only sets up the manufacturing quotas in order to control supplies and prevent abuse. Multiple manufacturers are claiming their medicines are in short supply and the FDA has put certain pills on their official shortage lists.

Doctors say these shortages are widespread throughout numbers of states.

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