Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler And Prescription Abuse

Prescription drug abuse continues to be a growing problem, and the trend shows no signs of reversing.

Despite a lot of media attention, law enforcement cracking down and new regulations put in place for pharmacies, an increasing number of individuals continue to develop addictions to prescription medication.

A new report finds this trend is flooding the streets of certain communities, especially in light of the recession of 2009. Too many individuals found their painkiller prescription to be worth gold on the streets. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s Epidemiological Trends in Drug Abuse for 2009, abuse is still on the rise.

One recent highlight in the media that could help to shine light on the problem is Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler’s announcement that he is seeking help for his addiction to prescription painkillers.

Like many other addicts, Tyler did not set out to become hooked on his medication. Over time, his tolerance built and more medication was needed to achieve the same effect. Before long, he was dealing with addiction.

Drug cravings can also play a part in prescription drug use. These cravings can be both physical and mental and can be very intense. When the drug wears off, withdrawal symptoms can start. These symptoms can include pain and discomfort simply due to the toxins that are still in the system.

These toxins help to create nutritional deficiencies, which will continue to build as long as the drug is taken. The person experiencing this can easily take the medication again to relieve the symptoms. This begins a viscous cycle that increases the nutritional deficiencies, drug residue and cravings. Without medical attention, this cycle can often lead to the end of a person’s life.

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