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Addiction touches nearly everyone. If you’re not dealing with addiction yourself you almost certainly know someone — a spouse, friend, relative, co-worker, neighbor — who’s contending with this complex disease.

One 2011 study looking at a wide variety of both substance (alcohol and drugs) and behavioral addictions (compulsive shopping, sex, eating, gambling and video gaming, among others) found that 47% of Americans and “at least a large minority of the world’s population suffers from an addictive process at any point in time.” What’s more, about one in 10 U.S. adults is in recovery, according to a large 2012 survey.

Addiction.com was created to serve the addict and everyone who loves him or her, as well as clinicians and other health care professionals who care for those dealing with addiction.

As the authority on addiction, recovery and mental health issues, Addiction.com aims to provide our readers with the most current, accurate and evidence-based information available. Even more important, we’re creating a welcoming online community for addicts, people in recovery and their loved ones and the health care professionals who treat those with addiction.

Our goal: to help many more people stop searching — for sobriety, for better physical and mental health, for a happier, more fulfilling life — and to make it easier for every addict to find his or her way to a sustainable recovery.

Addiction.com is owned and operated by Elements Behavioral Health, a leading provider of treatment for addiction and mental health issues.

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