Brenda Schaeffer

Dr. Schaeffer is a licensed psychologist, a certified addiction specialist, and holds a doctorate in Spiritual Psychology. She has extensive training and experience in a number of psychologies, including child development, sexual addiction, and trauma. She has had further training in hypnosis, trauma, developmental psychology, transactional analysis, gestalt, sexual addiction, soul-centered, existential and transpersonal psychology. Dr. Schaeffer is author of Love or Addiction? The Power & Peril of Teen Sex & Romance, Love’s Way: The Union of Body, Ego, Soul and Spirit; the bestseller, Is It Love or Is It Addiction?; Loving Me, Loving You; Signs of Healthy Love; Signs of Addictive Love; Power Plays and Helping Yourself Out of Love Addiction. She is also the former host of the talk radio show “It’s All About Love.” She is the founder of Healthy Relationships, her private practice in the Minneapolis area where she conducts therapy, training and workshops. For more information about Dr. Schaeffer, visit her website at or

Everything You Want to Know About Love Addiction

Love feels good, love feels bad and often we don’t know why. This blog aims to foster an understanding of love addiction: what it is and is not, how to identify it and how to break free of it.

How’s Your Love Life?

A willingness to honestly assess your relationship can help you understand the difference between healthy love and addictive love.

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