Carrie Elizabeth Lin

Carrie Elizabeth Lin is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor near San Jose, California. She is in private practice and an adjunct faculty member at Sofia University. Carrie has bipolar I disorder and several co-occurring disorders. Her personal and professional experiences have given her a unique perspective that she now uses to educate and empower others. Carrie is a blogger for International Bipolar Foundation. Her own website is

Bipolar Perspectives

Bipolar Perspectives covers topics related to bipolar disorder and mental health. The blogger brings her unique perspective as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who has bipolar disorder. She writes from both personal experience and her background in psychology. The purpose of Bipolar Perspectives is to empower people with bipolar disorder, provide useful information to mental health professionals and educate the general public.

Just How Judgmental Are You?

When you’re able to stay mindful and present with your feelings — one of the skills taught in dialectical behavior…

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