Jean Greer McCarthy

Jean Greer McCarthy is a recovery advocate from Alberta, Canada. Jean is the author of UnPickled, a blog chronicling her adventures through several years of recovery. She also co-hosts The Bubble Hour, a weekly podcast of conversations between real people in recovery from alcohol addiction. Jean believes that too many people suffer with addiction because they are held back by shame and stigma. Her mission is to show that life after alcohol is full and exciting!

I Am Unpickled

“I Am UnPickled” is reflections on sober living and life after alcohol from blogger and recovery advocate Jean Greer McCarthy.

The Happy Matriarch

Before I got sober I told myself I would never drink while looking after a grandchild, yet I also wondered…

The People That You Meet

I can’t possibly be an alcoholic, I’d tell myself. Alcoholics are all losers. I’m not a loser.

What Needed To Change

In March of 2011, the realization that I needed to quit drinking thundered into my consciousness. The thought itself was…

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