Jeanne Hirth

Jeanne has been living intentionally sober since March 2007. She considers the pursuit of sobriety to be the single best personal decision she’s ever made in her life. She earned a  bachelors degree in sociology and health science from SUNY at Brockport in 1985. A native New Yorker, she permanently resides in Florida with her husband. Almost empty nesters, they have two adult children and Jeanne’s elderly father residing with them. Jeanne’s family has been her life’s work. Today, she’s a writer, amateur poet, humorist and sobriety enthusiast. Most recently, she won a hoola hoop contest. She also runs a blog,, where she writes about life, sobriety and everything else

Soberly Speaking

“Soberly Speaking” is a blog run by Jeanne Hirth. Jeanne is a full-time mom, almost empty nester and sobriety enthusiast who has recently rediscovered her love for writing. Her blog is intended to be honest, inspirational and sometimes funny. Jeanne tries to share her passion for sobriety while not taking herself too damn seriously. It’s about life. All of it.
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