Kelly Fitzgerald

Kelly is a sober blogger at The Sober Señorita and advocate for breaking the stigma of addiction. Striving to fit in with her peers and living the party girl lifestyle, Kelly quickly discovered her drinking habits were much more extreme than others, with devastating consequences. After escaping to Cancun and living abroad for five years, she got sober in a spring breakers’ paradise. Today, she lives in Florida and writes about living life as a 20-something sober girl. Her articles have been published across the Web, including on sites like The Huffington Post and Sober Nation. Her dreams include becoming a certified recovery coach and writing a memoir.

The Sober Senorita

Getting sober at the age of 27 left Kelly wondering what kind of sober life was out there for young people like her and how she could still live a healthy, happy, and exciting life without the booze. Today she promotes breaking the stigma of addiction by living her truth and encourages others to do the same. Her writing will help you see how living a fun, sober life is possible and preferable, and most important, that you are never alone in your struggles.

My 12 Steps: Step 7

For 17 months I stayed clean and sober, on my own. But I was still very curious about 12-step fellowships…

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