Lotta Dann

Lotta Dann is a housewife, mother, blogger, website manager and recovery advocate. Sober since September 6, 2011, she now spends her days folding washing, preparing meals, moderating and managing the large community at Living Sober, updating her blogs and promoting personal recovery on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Her recovery memoir, Mrs D Is Going Without, was published in July 2014. She lives in Wellington, New Zealand, with her husband and three sons.

Mrs. D. Is Going Without

Lotta Dann writes about her alcoholism and recovery in a refreshingly upbeat, honest and relatable way. She focuses on the many benefits of sobriety, discusses “brain retraining” tools and examines practical approaches for living a fun and full alcohol-free life.

It’s All Bullsh*t

I believed drinking booze was the best way to relax, celebrate and bond. But these beliefs were a con that…

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