Michael D.

Michael lives in London, UK, and has been totally abstinent from drinking and drugs for over eight years after 25 years of abuse. He runs a blog, recoveringfromrecovery.com, which concentrates on non-12-step solutions he used after leaving AA, his initial support group. Michael works in the entertainment industry.

Recovering from Recovery

I have been completely abstinent from alcohol and drugs for over eight years and have used a variety of support solutions, recovery methods and treatments to change my life for the better. I started with AA and was grateful for the initial support, but after a while I felt the 12-step world was conflicting with some of my values and I wanted more independence and self-empowerment rather than a spiritual group solution. On my blog I want to make clear that there are many solutions out there and that you can move from one to another, or make use of several at the same time. I have taken the things I consider helpful from several places and the way I treat recovery has changed over time and I hope others may find it helpful to read about what has helped me.

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