Stephanie McDougall

Stephanie McDougall is a military wife, a new mom and a blogger at She lives a happy and full life with her young family in Halifax, Canada. Stephanie has embraced her depression and anxiety and has made it her mission to advocate for the better treatment of mental health and addictions. She grew up in an alcoholic home and now supports her family through their recovery. Stephanie has multiple family members in AA and Al-Anon. She is a member of Al-Anon and ACA.


As a military wife and new mom, there’s never a shortage of things going on in my life to write about. On my Mommyzoid blog, I share my experience living with mental illness while raising a family. I write about what it was like to grow up in an alcoholic home and what life is like now, going through the recovery process with my family. My hope is that you see yourself in my words and know you’re not alone and that recovery is possible.

Mothering Myself

Making the decision to start taking an antidepressant is often tough. But when I was pregnant and overwhelmed with anxiety,…

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