5 Signs You Have an Addictive Personality

addictive personalities

Although the term “addictive personality” is not an official psychiatric diagnosis, research has shown that some individuals may be more prone to addictive behavior than others. Many studies have demonstrated links between certain personality traits and alcohol and drug abuse problems. If you think you or a loved one may be struggling with addiction, consider these characteristics that are commonly found in individuals with addictive personalities.

Stress and Anxiety

Individuals with addictive personalities tend to carry loads of stress and anxiety — more so than most other individuals. It is thought that this might be attributed to heaps of personal regret or disappointment from others that they experience as a result of their substance use and impulsive actions.

Impulsive Behavior

People with addictive personalities love excitement and new things. They tend to feel like they constantly need to experience the next great thing and cannot control themselves. They end up pursuing the thrill anyway, regardless of any known risks.

Antisocial Behavior

Antisocial behavior is common among this group of people. They tend to feel withdrawn from society. As a result, they turn to drugs and alcohol as a means to cope.

Difficulty Committing to Goals

People with addictive personalities generally struggle with meeting expectations and goals (both personal ones and those imposed by others). This is primarily attributed to the fact that their desire to pursue their newfound passion is greater than their desire to do what is right.

Negative Self-Image

What goes up, must come down, right? Such is the case with people with addictive personalities. The individual will experience a rush of emotion when faced with the excitement of a new form of addiction. When that thrill passes, he is left feeling empty, tired and submerged in negativity. Feelings of remorse also surface, because of the individual’s inability to break the cycle.

Addictive behavior can severely hinder relationships and other aspects of an individual’s life. If you or a loved one cannot seem to stop taking part in self-destructive behaviors, reach out for help. True freedom from addiction is possible!

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