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Anhydrous morphine

Anhydrous morphine is an opioid analgesic used to treat diarrhea in both adults and children. The dosage is greatly dependent upon the size of the patient. Anhydrous morphine is taken by mouth as a liquid and should always be measured using a medicine dropper – even when administered for adults. It is also recommended that the medication be mixed with water or juice to ensure safe application.

Special administration is strongly recommended to all patients taking anhydrous morphine as it is a potent medication and accidental overdose can be fatal.

An opium drug, anhydrous morphine is highly addictive. As a result, tolerance and physical and psychological dependence can develop rather quickly. Like all opium drugs, anhydrous morphine has the ability to deliver a euphoric high, especially the first time it is used. Achieving the same euphoria is difficult in subsequent uses and therefore an individual will often try to increase the dose to achieve the same high. Such an approach puts the person’s life at risk as the medication is increasingly potent in higher volumes.

The prolonged use of anhydrous morphine can easily create a physical dependence on or tolerance of the drug, much like other opium derivatives. If anhydrous morphine is stopped abruptly, patients with a physical dependence can experience intense symptoms of withdrawal.

When an individual develops an addiction to an opium product like anhydrous morphine, it is important that he or she taper off the medication very slowly and under the care of a board-certified physician and board-certified addiction psychiatrist. Treatment in a detox center for 24/7 care is often recommended.

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