Addiction A-Z


“Insufflate” is a formal word doctors use that means to inhale a substance through the mouth, or more commonly, through the nose. Drug addicts call insufflating “snorting.” Other common slang includes bumping, railing and dozing. Tobacco is the most common insufflated substance. Drug abusers often insufflate psychoactive drugs, even though it is dangerous to do so. The reason many prefer inhaling many drugs through their noses is that this method delivers a higher concentration of the substance to the brain and nervous system than when the drug is taken in pill form. However, insufflations are more likely to lead to overdoses, and even death.

Snorting drugs can damage the inside of the nose so severely that after a while, a drug addict becomes unable to snort drugs. Snorting can also cause a constant flow of mucus or “runny nose.” Cocaine and heroin addicts frequently arrange their powders into lines and then inhale them through straws. Other stimulants that are insufflated are amphetamine, dextroamphetamine, methamphetamine and certain drugs used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). PCP (angel dust) and Ketamine also can be snorted. The sleeping pill Ambien is sometimes crushed and insufflated to produce hallucinations. Many drug abusers inhale drugs through their mouths, rather than their noses through equipment such as water pipes and bongs, and use them most commonly to smoke marijuana and crack cocaine.

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