Addiction A-Z

Maintenance stage

In recovery, there are various stages of change. During the maintenance stage, the recovering individual is successfully able to avoid the temptations to return to using substances or engaging in addictive behavior. Maintenance means the effective ability to remain clean and sober (free of addictive behavior). Encouragement from others in self-help or support groups helps remind those in the maintenance stage just how much progress they’ve already made and motivates them to continue working their recovery program. During this stage, people wk on acquiring new skills and incorporating new strategies in their recovery toolkit that help them better deal with life and avoid relapse. They are hopeful, proactive, and recognize that what they are striving for (goals and aspirations) is worthwhile and meaningful. While they may have thoughts of returning to using, they are strong enough and make effective use of their coping techniques to resist the temptation to relapse. In the event they do relapse, they can begin the recovery process again.


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