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morphineMorphine is a highly potent crystalline narcotic base that is the principal alkaloid of opium. It is usually found in the form of soluble sodium, either as a sulfate or hydrochloride, and is used as a pain reliever or sedative in medicinal use to relieve chronic severe pain. It is an extremely addictive psychoactive substance in which both physical and psychological dependence as well as tolerance to the substance quickly develops. Other derivatives have since been synthesized including dihydromorphine, dihydromorphinones, oxycodone, pethidine and semi-synthetics derivatives of codeine such as benzylmorphine, dihydrocodeine and ethylmorphine. Yet morphine is one of the most commonly abused pain relieving narcotics worldwide, surpassed only by heroin. Morphine remains the primary sought-after pain reliever drug by heroin addicts. Most recently, morphine products within the U.S. have tripled, and morphine use has considerably increased. Morphine, especially its combination with other drugs or its derivatives (mostly heroin), has been the cause of numerous overdose deaths worldwide, and in some countries is the leading cause of accidental death.

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