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Sexual Recovery Anonymous (SRA)

Sexual Recovery Anonymous (SRA) is a 12-step fellowship for those struggling with sex addiction. Members help each other by sharing their experiences, strength and hope to solve their common problem of sexual addiction, and help others recover. According to SRA, sex addiction interferes with the life process, just as all addictions do, and can even be life-threatening. SRA offers a way for members to stop sex addiction through the practice of the SRA 12 Steps and Twelve Traditions, adapted from sexual-recovery-anonymous-sraAlcoholics Anonymous. There are no dues or membership fees and the only requirement to join is a desire to stop compulsive sexual behavior. SRA’s primary purpose is to stay sexually sober and help others achieve sexual sobriety, defined by SRA as “the release from all compulsive and sexual behaviors.” SRA believes that “spirituality and self-love are the antidotes to addiction.”


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