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“Skunk” marijuana is a relatively common term for marijuana or cannabis that has a distinctive, skunk-like smell when burned. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this type of cannabis has grown increasingly popular over roughly the last 20 years. This popularity is due to the general belief that “skunk” marijuana has a higher level of potency than other types or strains of the plant. While not all strains identified as “skunk” actually have a higher potency, some strains are potent enough to significantly increase your risks for marijuana-related mental psychosis. “Skunk” is not a scientifically defined form of marijuana or cannabis. When this type of marijuana first appeared, its smell was probably just an incidental byproduct of the specific process used to grow it, according to experts at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The main selling point of this new cannabis strain was its relatively high potency. Over time, buyers began to associate this skunky smell with high a THC content; as a result, business-savvy growers began marketing all skunky forms of marijuana as high-potency products. However, types of marijuana now sold or identified as “skunk” have widely varying botanical profiles, as well as varying levels of potency. In addition, there is no scientific evidence that definitively links marijuana potency with any particular smell.

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