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Sober coaches

A “sober coach” is like a personal trainer for sobriety. The sober coach is a seasoned treatment professional who helps clients at any stage of the treatment/recovery process stay on the path to recovery. Sober coaches challenge and support the client to make the necessary lifestyle changes to become and remain abstinent and help the client avoid the frustrating and triggering elements that lead to relapse and multiple treatment episodes. They help the client establish goals, develop a strong community and family support system and learn how to enjoy a higher and healthier quality of life, wellness and balance. Sober coaches meet with the client once or twice a week, or more often as needed. They might even acting as a daily companion, to keep the client from falling back into using. Sober coaches are not representatives of any 12-step program and do not advocate for any particular recovery approach. Sober coaches only advocate for whatever works for their clients.

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