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In the literature of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the first 12-step support group, members select someone they can feel comfortable with, and with whom they can talk freely and confidentially, and ask that person to be their sponsor. Sponsorship is a basic part of the AA approach to recovery and other 12-step fellowships also have sponsorship integral to their programs. A sponsor will work with you one-on-one as you begin to tackle a 12-step addiction recovery program. A sponsor isn’t a therapist, social worker or legal advisor, but a comrade in recovery who’s willing to share his or her experience and journey through the steps of your recovery. Generally, sponsors are members who have experienced long-term sobriety. While there are no hard and fast rules, sponsors should have at least one continuous year of sobriety and seem to be enjoying their sobriety and working the program successfully. According to AA custom, it is best for men to sponsor men and women to sponsor women, although they acknowledge that some gay men and lesbians feel that opposite-sex sponsorship is more appropriate.


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