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Stanozolol is the generic drug that is often found in the brand name Winstrol. This drug is similar to the naturally occurring steroid testosterone and is medically used to treat hereditary angioedema, which causes episodes of swelling of the face, extremities, genitals, bowel wall and throat. Stanozolol is used in this treatment as it can effectively decrease the frequency and severity of these attacks. This medication is generally only administered to adults who are suffering from angioedema as the effects of Stanozolol in children can outweigh the benefit the medication is meant to provide. Adults given Stanozolol are generally closely monitored to ensure adverse reactions do not emerge from its use. Stanozolol effects are greatly dependent upon the level of the drug ingested. Peliosis hepatic is one of the most common and potent side-effects associated with Stanozolol use. The onset of peliosis hepatic is characterized by the formation of cysts in the liver and on the spleen. These cysts can result in liver failure, which could ultimately lead to death. The risk of heart related disorders increases as the amount of Stanozolol ingested increases. At the same time, good cholesterol levels can decrease, while bad cholesterol levels will increase. When abused regularly, Stanozolol will decrease sleep and increase excitability in the user. The gender of the user can determine the effects Stanozolol will produce in a person. For men, increased consumption can create a decreased function of the testicles, reduction in sperm count, impotence, bladder irritation and decreased in the seminal fluid volume. For women, enlargement of the clitoris and irregularities in the menstrual cycles are not uncommon. Both genders may experience a decreased libido.

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