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Support group

Support groups, in existence for decades, are used to help people work through issues including mental health, addictions, obsessive behaviors and even medical conditions like cancer. Group members share the same disorder or circumstance and meet voluntarily. Support groups can be professionally-guided or peer-led; allow members to remain anonymous; and typically meet on a set schedule. Many support groups are associated with larger national or international organizations, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), SMART Recovery® or AL-ANON. You may prefer to join an online support group, or supplement the support you get at in-person meetings with those on the Web. Though they may use different strategies for meetings, underlying almost all support groups – from overeating to alcoholism to family members of addicts – is the premise of non-judgmental attitudes and caring for one another. With Internet-based options available today, and groups for hundreds of conditions, support groups continue to be an important treatment option for many people with addictions or problem behaviors.


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