Alter Your Perspective

changing perspective

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer American self-help author and motivational speaker (1940-2015)

If what you face appears to be beyond your reach, abilities or comprehension, maybe it’s time to take a step back and ponder a bit about what it is you’re trying to do. Deep within, you probably have an inkling of this, although the true nature of what you desire might be obscured by the demands of others or even yourself. Sometimes all it takes to make the impossible more possible is to alter your perspective.

What can this do for you? For one thing, it shakes up the status quo. Anytime you shift the dynamics of a situation, you’re readying the stage for change. If change is what you seek, altering your perspective – the way you look at things – will move things around to the point where you see different possibilities, avenues or solutions. You’ll learn that what you value may morph from this intense focus to something quite different.

In a way, it’s like looking at the horizon upside down. From this perspective, the distant view appears quite different than when you stand upright to look at it. Turning preconceived notions on their head, so to speak, radically changes your mindset. What was once familiar is now slightly askew. What seemed fearful now looks a bit comical, more approachable, and less formidable.

Not everyone is able to jump in and alter their perspective just because they feel like it. This may seem unnatural, like it’s something we’re not supposed to do. That alone can scare someone off. But consider that you have a mind for a reason. You control your actions. You decide what is important and what you’re ready, willing and able to tackle. No one else forces you to make this decision over that one. That can also be rather frightening, having such ultimate decision-making authority.

But it’s also liberating. When you alter your perspective, you’re no longer stuck. What loomed as an impassable barrier looks now less daunting. Side roads, alternate paths, alternative solutions and renewed motivation are the likely results of changing how you look at things.

Then, too the things that you’ll pay attention to will likely change as well. It might be that the fat paycheck or bank account isn’t all that desirable after all. A deep and abiding love might resonate more with you than mere accumulation of material things. If you want to jumpstart your life and get past a seeming obstacle, start by altering your perspective and see how that works. There’s certainly nothing to lose by doing this and everything to gain.

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