Apps You Should Be Using to Aid Recovery

“Addiction is one of the biggest health crises of our time, and myths and misperceptions about this disease, how to treat it and how to live a full life in recovery abound,” said David Sack, MD, CEO of Elements Behavioral Health. On, a one-stop source for well-researched news, information and blogs from leading addiction and mental health experts, you’ll find listings of more than 100,000 support group meetings and 12-step alternatives, and a directory of mental health professionals..

A Growing Number of Health-Related Apps

In 2016, a survey indicated 259,000 health apps were available to consumers globally, a 57% increase from 2015. Although more healthcare apps have been introduced, the rate of growth of consumer downloads is slowing. Health apps now have a total of 3.2 billion downloads, a 7% increase from 3 billion downloads in 2015.

Like other health-related apps, addiction apps are not meant to be used in a vacuum, but as a complementary approach. As a comparison, the free app Calm is a stress reducer, but is certainly not meant to replace therapeutic interventions for those with anxiety disorders.

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