Dawn Clancy

Dawn Clancy is the creator of “Growing Up Chaotic,” a blog and radio program for those determined to survive and thrive despite growing up in families rife with addiction, domestic violence and mental illness. Dawn is a regular contributor to Rehabreviews.com and TheFix.com and has appeared on Huffington Post Live. She currently lives in London with her husband and cat called Poo.

"Growing Up Chaotic" blogger

The “Growing Up Chaotic” blog provides a 360° view on all topics related to the addict’s/alcoholic’s family and friends, codependency, domestic violence, drugs and culture, mental health, recovery and siblings and addiction.

God, Abuse and Addiction

As a 7-year-old living with abusive, alcoholic parents I struggled to find a God I could understand. When there was…

The Gifts My Stepfather Gave Me

After every major incident of alcohol-fueled abuse Joe would deliver another expensive present to me and my mom, each gift…

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