Desire Leads To Accomplishment

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“Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish.” – Michelangelo, Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet and engineer of the High Renaissance (1475-1564)

Think about having a goal or activity that you so want to do that you leap out of bed in the morning raring to go. The excitement propels you into action. No impediment or hurdle seems insurmountable for you possess the will and the determination to power through whatever stands in your way. What an inspiration, right? While it’s true that everyone needs desire in order to accomplish anything – I really want to land that job, get an A in algebra, lose 10 pounds, eat healthier, etc., the underlying concept that we should always desire more than we can accomplish may be a bit foreign.

But should it? Maybe that’s exactly what should be the foundation for all that we do – a perpetual and everlasting hunger (read desire) to do more. Isn’t that what motivates mankind at the core? If not for desire – and curiosity, a natural companion to desire – where would we as a species be? Surely the caveman when contemplating what to do with fire had some trepidation. But there was also this curiosity that proved insatiable, the desire to find out and go beyond that made all the difference in the progression of man.

For many, desire is synonymous with sex or love – and it certainly has its place there. Again, consider the survival of the species. Without this type of physical drive, none of us would be here. Desire is so much more, as we are beginning to appreciate. Desire makes everything we do worthwhile, enhances the quality of life as well as contributes to its longevity.

As for always having more desire than we can accomplish, that’s for today. Tomorrow’s desire will broaden our horizons, serve to stretch our capabilities and motivate us to do even more. Having that beacon of desire inside is what propels us to personal greatness and an immensely satisfying sense of accomplishment.

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