Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask

Robert Weiss AMA

Robert Weiss, renowned expert on sex, relationships, infidelity, sexual addiction and other intimacy-related issues, will host a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) session Tuesday, July 19th at 10 am Pacific. As the “AMA” label suggests, Rob will answer any and all questions. Nothing is off limits.

For instance, anyone who has ever wondered what sex addiction is, what it looks like, how it manifests and how it’s treated, now has a great opportunity to ask the guy who literally wrote the book on this subject whatever it is they’d like to know, including: How do I know if I’m a sex addict? What does “sexual sobriety” look like? Should my mate give me a free pass on cheating if I’m sexually addicted?

This is also a great chance to talk about infidelity. If you’ve cheated and feel badly about it, or you’ve cheated and been caught but don’t want to lose your relationship, or if someone has cheated on you and you’re finding it very hard to trust that person moving forward, Rob can answer your questions. He is also knowledgeable about and willing to discuss sexual orientation, gender identity, and “new” forms of relationships, like open marriages, polyamory and asexual couplings.

Or maybe you want to talk about the link between technology and sexuality; for example, the ways in which social media, apps and websites have changed the dating and mating ritual. For instance, 20 years ago most adults would never have taken a nude photo of themselves and shared it with strangers. Now perfectly sane people do it all the time, with nary a second thought. Does it bother you that social mores have changed so much in such a short time? Or do you embrace the “new normal” of sexting, looking at porn, and casually hooking up with whomever, whenever, wherever?

Whatever your stance or question, join us!

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