Greet The Day With Excitement

Greet The Day With Excitement

“Choose thoughts that give you the emotion of being alive and excited about life.” – Bryant McGill, American author, speaker, activist for self-development, personal freedom and human rights (born 1969)

Greet The Day With ExcitementIf we wake up in the morning and have a sinking feeling that today is going to be like every other day, something to dread, we’re already getting off on the wrong foot. How we view the world will color our experiences, prime our minds to think a certain way, closing off possibilities and promoting a dark and troubling spirit. If, on the other hand, we make the choice to find the excitement in each and every day, we’re opening our minds to discovery, joy, learning and fulfillment.

Suppose we’re sick or we’ve only begun to find our way after a period of difficulty. Isn’t it excusable to be grumpy, to want to limit our activities and human contact while we regroup? Many would say this is not conducive to either our mental health or overall well-being. By so doing, we’re allowing ourselves to stew in our misery, to shut ourselves away from others at a time when we most need human connection, and to foster the development of even more sadness, hurt, anger, anxiety and other powerfully negative emotions.

Even when things aren’t going well, we can make a choice how we’re going to greet the day. We can decide that we’ll find one good thing that happens today and be grateful for it. We can go after a goal or task that we find enjoyable and perform it to the best of our ability, savoring the insights we gain or relishing the skills that we acquire or perfect.

Small things can excite us as well. They don’t all have to be earth-shattering experiences to qualify. It’s all in how we choose to live. Do we want to be perpetually dour and negative? Or do we choose to see life in all its possibilities, daring to push ourselves to explore and discover and learn? For most, excitement is a positive and enriching experience. Why not switch our modus operandi to choose to greet the day with excitement – and see where that leads us?

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