Healing Your Family Through Addiction Treatment

Addiction rarely affects the addict alone. Every member of the family can also become entangled in the addiction, thus creating a negative family environment. For this reason, a family therapy program can help your loved ones work through this difficult together. Healing your family through addiction treatment can create a path to long-term recovery for everyone involved.

Family therapy focuses on restoring the relationships in your household as you grow together. The goal of addiction treatment is to address the problems within your family and bring you closer together once again. You can see that the existing problems can extend far beyond the addiction. This gives you the clarity to find solutions to the problems.

What Happens During Family Therapy?

Healing your family through addiction treatment with family therapy requires commitment from each family member. If everyone is willing to participate in treatment, your chances of success are much greater. An addiction therapist guides you through this process and provides insight into the current situation. Therapy may include:

  • Individual counseling for each member of the family
  • Participation in activities, such as experiential therapy, that promote wellness
  • Support groups for each member of the family
  • Evidence-based treatment backed by research and science
  • Holistic treatment that heals the mind, body, and soul

The different stages of therapy involve detox, rehab, and relapse prevention programs. Everyone in the family needs to support the recovering alcoholic or drug user through these stages, while also working on their own issues. 

What You May Discover in Family Therapy

Healing your family through addiction treatment usually includes facing hard truths and discovering practical solutions to your struggles. Therapy is not easy, and can often be quite painful at times. However, if everyone is willing to go through the process, you have the opportunity to come out stronger and closer than ever before. 

Addiction can often lead to paranoia, suspicion, and questioning the motives of other people. Family therapy helps you to understand your family members better. You become more empathetic to their struggles, desires, and motivations. It can be a truly enlightening experience.

How to Begin Healing Your Family Through Addiction Treatment

Healing your family through addiction treatment can only happen when the person who has the addiction is willing to get help. Other members of the family may have to stage an intervention and encourage the person to be willing to get professional treatment.

The first step is usually detox. A detox center in Dallas, Texas provides the facilities, staff, and treatment necessary for you to clean out your system and get a fresh start. Once you begin rehab, your family can join you in therapy. After rehab, you need to find ways to continue your treatment through a support group, mentor, therapist, or an aftercare program.

Treatment for Addiction Starts at Right Step Dallas

If you or a loved currently has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, Right Step Dallas can help with healing your family through addiction treatment. We offer detox, rehab, and aftercare for all types of addiction. To find out more about our treatment services, call us at 1.844.768.1161. Healing your family through addiction begins here at Right Step Dallas.

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