“I Knew I’d Hit Rock Bottom When…”

The idea that an addict has to “hit rock bottom” and that their “bottom” has to be something dramatic and often terribly destructive — the loss of a job, time in jail, the end of a marriage, a DUI or worse — is an outdated notion. The turning point from active addiction into sobriety and long-term recovery is often very different for every person, and it’s always very personal. That’s why we asked five Addiction.com recovery bloggers to share what they define as their own personal “bottom” (if they even had one) before they got sober. We’d love to hear yours, too, in the comments below.

Amy Dresner, writer and Addiction.com blogger
Sobriety date: Jan 2, 2013
“Well, I’ve had a few sobrieties, so I’ve had a few ‘bottoms,’ but this last one really kicked my ass. All the things I thought could never happen to me — like getting arrested — and all the things I never thought could happen again — like getting 5150’d for a fourth time or ending up in rehab for a fifth and sixth time — happened. But most of all, nobody would or could save me. They were either tapped out financially or tapped out emotionally. Everybody was over it. I got the message loud and clear that I had to finally get it together and grow up.”
amy dresner
Michael A

Michael D., “Recovering From Recovery” and Addiction.com blogger
Sobriety date: March 2007
“I was finding life completely overwhelming, was depressed and had liver problems. I was also in danger of destroying my career. I was considering suicide, but had seen a few others change their life for the better and decided to give recovery a serious go and involved others to support me. It was hard for me to ask for help. Once I did, I felt a huge sense of relief and felt I was past the worst, although there was a lot of hard work to be done.”

Kelly Fitzgerald, blogger at The Sober Señorita and Addiction.com
Sobriety date: May 7, 2013
“I think I knew for a while, but I knew because I was ruining another relationship, just like I had in the past. I saw everyone around me advancing in life and I was just…stuck. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.”
Kelly Fitzgerald
Marilyn Spiller

Marilyn Spiller, blogger at Waking Up the Ghost and Addiction.com
Sobriety date: July 28, 2013
“I probably hit what would be considered ‘rock bottom’ 10 times in the 15 years I was a bona fide alcoholic. But my catalyst came on Christmas Eve two years ago when my daughter had to leave cookies and milk for Santa by herself because she couldn’t wake me up. I was passed out in front of the fire like Rip Van Winkle with a snoot full of moonshine.”

Megan Peters, Addiction.com blogger and blogger at CrazyBananas.com
Sobriety date: April 16, 2013
“I didn’t realize I’d hit rock bottom until after the fact. I’d had many (MANY!) attempts at quitting drinking, but it wasn’t until I had a few weeks of real sobriety under my belt that I realized I was done for good. Once my head cleared and I started to feel better, I actually felt like I was intoxicated with the idea of sobriety! The thought that I could, every day, for the rest of my life, feel healthy and happy was so wonderful, I never wanted to go back.”
Megan Peters

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