Live The Questions To Find The Answers

finding the answers

“If you live the questions, life will move you to the answers.” – Deepak Chopra, Indian-American physician, a holistic health/New Age guru, and alternative medicine practitioner (born 1947)

These are wise words from a person that millions find inspirational and insightful. The fact that everyone sometimes finds it difficult to figure out the answers to seemingly impossible or complex questions doesn’t negate the fact that there are ways to go about finding the right path – if we choose to do so. The secret seems to be to embrace the questions and live them, not do everything we can to avoid them, as if in so doing they’ll somehow go away. They won’t. It’s only by living in the present and doing our best to address the questions that we’ll have any hope of finding the answers.

The quest isn’t without a certain learning curve, however. You can’t expect that by reciting the questions, the answers will somehow magically appear. You also can’t wait for others to solve the puzzle, arrive at the solutions and do the work for you. That makes it their solution to the questions, not yours. What good does that do? No, if you want to find the answers to the questions you face, you have to inhabit the questions.

How does this work in the real world? What does it mean to live the questions? Suppose a question you’ve been pondering involves how to find meaning in life. Instead of waiting for meaning to pop up and say, “I’ve arrived. Here is your meaning in life,” live each day with the intent of being meaningful. Strive to do something unexpected that will bring joy to another, to help out someone in need without any expectation of reciprocity. Incorporate meditation and mindfulness – living in the present – into everything you do each day. Don’t worry about tomorrow or anguish over the past. Concentrate on this moment and what you can do today.

According to meditation practitioners and experts in the healing modality, learning to be mindful accomplishes much more than many people think. It reduces stress, relaxes the body, wipes away tension, helps with breathing and digestion, and works to reduce pain of all kinds and sources of origin. Where everything seemed jumbled, complex, distracting and conflicted, a sense of calm and peace begins to settle in. Along with it often come the answers to pressing questions. It’s as if the answers find their place in the light of your consciousness when you release all the barriers that have clouded your view.

Another example of living the questions is making it a point to have a question top of mind as you begin each day. It could be how can I streamline my schedule to be able to spend more time with my children? If you have this as a goal, your mind will begin searching for answers, collating them and presenting them for your decision. The obstacles will fall away and you’ll be able to more clearly discern what you can eliminate, postpone or rearrange so that you can accomplish your goal to be with your children more. By living the questions, the answers will come.

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