With Love, Anything Is Possible

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“With our love, we could save the world.” – George Harrison, English musician, singer, songwriter, lead guitarist of the Beatles (1943-2001)

It isn’t often that we think about saving the world – not after we leave our teens or early adulthood. There are so many other priorities that occupy our thoughts. We need to pay for college or pay off student loans, if we’ve completed our degree. The idea of finding a mate, settling down and starting a family begins to take shape. Or we’re so consumed with our career or ticking off items on our must-see and must-do list that a focus on others somehow doesn’t cut it. But at the root of it all, underneath everything we tell ourselves we must or want to do, isn’t there the core of love?

In truth, love makes anything possible. It might be fair to say that love makes everything possible. Without some deep and abiding love – of self, of others, of the world – we’d be stuck. Consider that we do much better at a task, project or endeavor if we enjoy what we do. Lacking joy, if we find the action worthwhile and meaningful, this is also a kind of love that spurs us onward.

Remember, too, that goals will come and go, revised and adapted, achieved or cast aside in favor of more workable, more desirable, or more immediate ones. For us to succeed in any of them takes a certain amount of love. If nothing else, we appreciate the final accomplishment more when we give the task/project/action our full and complete attention and focus. This also requires a certain sense of love – the love of finishing what we start.

Getting back to how love makes anything possible, before discounting this as a New Age concept that has no relevance in today’s oh-so-serious world, think how love helps melt differences, mend rifts, turn conflict into collaboration, allows friendships and deeper relationships to emerge. In short, love is a healing balm that is never without goodness and always has a bottomless spring from which to draw.

Foster love. Begin with a love of self. This is not selfishness but an acknowledgement and appreciation of the innate goodness of being, the miraculous creation that is the human spirit, and our part in the overall picture of humanity. Accept that we are human and make mistakes – and forgive ourselves with love. Resolve to give ourselves a chance to find and do what makes us proud, fills us with a sense of purpose and contributes to making the world a better place.

From there, look outward to find that which is good and right in our loved ones and family members, in our neighbors, friends, co-workers and acquaintances. It’s a short stretch from self-love to love of others – in the abstract and in particular. The best part of love is that everyone loves love. What’s not to like about an emotion that’s so powerful it makes anything possible?

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