‘My Best Tip for Dealing with Cravings’

Anyone who’s in recovery for addiction knows first-hand about cravings – those pesky and powerful urges to give up, give in and go back to your drug(s) of choice. Cravings are normal and can happen at just about any stage of your recovery – just ask these top bloggers with between three and 15 years of sobriety under their belts.

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‘My Best Tip for Dealing with Cravings’


Jean Greer McCarthy, UnPickled and Addiction.com blogger
Sobriety Date: March 20, 2011
When I get a craving … “I pause and let it pass. Often cravings are only momentary. If the thought persists, I try to assess what is really bothering me, and [then] do something positive to comfort myself. For example, if I’m in a restaurant and feeling left out because others are enjoying wine with their dinner, I might order a dessert or cappuccino. If I’m craving alcohol because I’m sad or having an uncomfortable emotion that I want to numb, I might go for a walk or do yard work. [In] my experience, cravings diminish over time, but having them less often can make it more surprising when they occur. It is important to stay mindful and get to the root of the problem. “H.A.L.T.” (Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired?) is a trusted, quick assessment, and usually one of those feelings is the real culprit.”

Josie Carr, The Miracle Is Around the Corner blogger
Sobriety Date: 
January 27, 2012
When I get a craving … “I talk about it; preferably with another sober person, but in a pinch anyone within my circle of trust will do. There are people in my life who, while not in recovery themselves, play the role of sober support for me. For me, the very act of verbalizing the feeling of a craving is usually enough to dispel it. And if it does not dissipate immediately I have at least shared this feeling with another, which provides an accountability factor.”



Jennifer Matesa, Guinevere Gets SoberAddiction.com blogger and author of The Recovering Body: Physical and Spiritual Fitness for Living Clean and Sober
Sobriety date: January 3, 2010
When I get a craving … “I make contact with another person who loves me. I get on the phone and go through my list of girlfriends and just keep dialing and leaving messages until I make contact – and I always do. Or else I get my body to a meeting, where I’m always reminded that I’m not the only person in the world who’s suffering, and where I usually find someone I can help.”​[/fourcol_three] 


Julie Elsdon-Height, Sober Julie blogger
Sobriety Date: February 6, 2010
When I get a craving … “I remind myself that this feeling isn’t a fact … it won’t kill me if I don’t give in. I then use the tools my 12-step program has given me: I turn to another alcoholic in recovery to talk about it and get my focus back where it should be. I get out of my own head.”



Veronica Valli, Recovery Rocks blogger and author of Why you drink and How to stop: Journey to freedom
Sobriety Date: May 2, 2000
When I get a craving … “I haven’t had any cravings or urges since my first year of sobriety. You need to deal with your feelings and any unresolved issues. If you are having cravings or urges it’s probably because you want to numb the pain of something.”

What’s your go-tip for dealing with cravings?

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