New Device Allows Alcohol To Be Inhaled

The name is catchy and marketable, but the product behind the name could be dangerous.

The “Vaporitini” is a small glass orb that holds and heats alcohol. Users then inhale the fumes, causing an instant and intense effect. The blood stream takes up the alcoholic vapors directly from the lungs, which means the substance doesn’t have to pass through the digestive system before the effects are felt.

Those who want a quick buzz are coming to the right place, but that buzz can reach dangerous levels quickly.

The product looks sleek and classy, somewhat Art Deco. While it might look sharp on a lounge table, its merits end there. As studies have shown, a majority of alcohol, when ingested normally, is absorbed through the small intestines. When food is present in the body, the rate of consumption is slowed and the effects are less drastic. But regardless of how well prepared the partier is before a night out with the Vaporitini, food in the digestive system will have no effect on the body’s breakdown of the alcohol.

To date, there are no legal roadblocks for the Vaporitini. A similar device called the AWOL, on the other hand, has found itself banned in 22 states. One of the reasons is because the vaporized booze goes straight to the brain and bypasses physical indicators that drinkers normally use to gauge their limits.

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