Why Past Life Regression Therapy Works for Treating Anxiety

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Past life regression therapy has generated much debate and controversy within the mental health care profession. Perhaps because it seems to take the existence of reincarnation for granted.

In psychology, it is standard practice to search for the roots of past unresolved conflicts and emotional health problems, within the deep well of hidden or suppressed memory. But past life regression therapy takes this approach to a whole new level, abandoning the usual limits of time, space and identity in a wide-ranging search for the true sources of present-day suffering.

Skeptics dismiss past life regression therapy as pure fantasy, but hypnotherapists who practice it refuse to dismiss this possibility. They swear that past life regression therapy has the capacity to positively impact the lives of those who choose to participate in it.

Past Lives, Memories and the Imagination: Bridging the Divide

Polls indicate that about one in four Americans believe in reincarnation, which has been a fixture in Eastern spiritual traditions for centuries.

Here is a surprising fact: past life regression therapists have discovered that a belief in past lives is not necessary for regression therapy to be effective. Patients who find themselves reliving previous incarnations during therapy sessions are often quite shocked by what they experience. They are not sure whether their memories of past-life trauma, conflict, injury or death are real or imagined. Nevertheless, they seem to gain great benefit from their experiences and from related discussions with their therapists.

In psychotherapy, it is well known that remembering and analyzing previous incidents of trauma can help patients resolve their feelings and move on with their lives. The same principle applies to past-life “memories” uncovered during regression therapy (which may or may not be authentic), but appear to have a symbolic connection to reality.

Past Life Regression and the Sources of Anxiety

Those who struggle with anxiety disorders are often mystified by the source of their feelings, especially if they have no conscious memories of traumatic or disturbing events. Past life regression is an additional strategy for getting to the bottom of the deeper issues involved, and to uncover shocking personal revelations (either real or imagined) about past suffering that would not be accessible without the intervention of a trained hypnotherapist.

Past life regression therapists have reported excellent results with clients suffering from anxiety disorders. This verifies the effectiveness of the therapy, if not its basis in legitimate, metaphysical truth. Anxiety sufferers often report dramatic decreases in their anxiety levels and sensitivity to triggers following a few sessions of past life hypnotherapy. The improvements are usually experienced much more rapidly than with conventional forms of therapy and counseling.

The Importance of Psychological Training for Regression Therapists

Past life regression could help you if you go into the process with an open mind and a willingness to explore uncharted territory. If you’re considering a visit to a past life regression therapist for an anxiety problem, you would be wise to choose a practitioner who holds a degree in psychology, psychiatry or clinical social work, in addition to certification and training in regression hypnotherapy. Past life-based counseling sessions will inevitably stir up intense emotions and bring forth memories that are highly painful and stressful. You will need the services of a mental health expert trained to handle delicate situations with skill and sensitivity.



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