The Powerful Energy Of A Wish


“The wish within a human being is the most powerful energy that exists.” – Swami Rudrananda, founder and director of The Movement Center and master of kundalini yoga (1928-1973)

Is a wish purely daydreaming? Could it be something more? Could wishes actually transform us so that we push ourselves to achieve goals we’d otherwise consider unattainable? In truth, no one accomplishes much of anything substantive without a desire to achieve it. Whether that’s a task that you don’t really want to do but know you must or should, or pursuing a goal that you’ve long held but never before got around to tackling, or attempting to resolve a troubling issue that you know has been holding you back. You have to want something enough in order to take action toward achieving it.

But where, you might ask, do wishes fit with wanting something? How can a wish translate into the accomplishment of dreams or goals?  Maybe it has something to do with deeply held core beliefs. What motivates humans to overcome their inertia and get busy taking action? It has to be something more profound than just doing something to relieve boredom. There has to be more to it than that. Could it be that underlying every action taken is an inner wish to accomplish, to succeed, to do more? Could it really be as simple as that?

What’s wrong with simplicity? For one thing, keeping things simple greatly smoothes out life’s problems. Whether it’s trying to figure out the quickest or most effective way to get the kids to start cleaning up their rooms or how to cut down on excessive coffee consumption that’s keeping you up at night, finding a simple and workable approach is generally best. But underneath it all is the wish that you have that prompts you to take action.

Consider that laying back and doing nothing has a certain amount of appeal – particularly if you’re tired, overwhelmed by all that you have to do, lack resources or time, or just feel like you need a break. And there’s good reason for taking breaks in order to refresh and replenish energy. Yet wishes have energy of their own. In fact, a wish can be the wellspring of indomitable energy, a force that cannot be extinguished despite considerable hurdles encountered along the way.

What about fleeting wishes, those that don’t amount to a great deal of consequence? Do these still count as powerful motivating forces? In a way, wishes are an extension of dreaming and daydreaming. Everyone needs a little downtime and wishes serve to fulfill this important purpose. Who knows? The fleeting wish may be the genesis of even more solid or meaningful wishes, ones that translates a nascent desire into a goal that appears more obtainable, at least one to diligently pursue.

Consider too that wishes are a purely human experience. Wishes – and the actions they inspire – set us apart from the rest of creation. This is certainly a gift that we possess. Why not take advantage of it? Remember that the energy of wishes is like rocket fuel that propels us into territory ripe for exploration and discovery.

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