Risky Stimulants Listed As Dietary Supplements

Can study aids really come in a pill? Two companies believe so and market their products as alternatives to Adderall. While these dietary supplements are prescription-strength, they are sold over the counter.

A recent ABC News report highlights the products engineered by NexGen Biolabs and Gentech Pharmaceuticals. Designed to help with focus improvement for those diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, the alternative meds do contain synthetic amphetamines.

Called ADDTabz, the Gentech Pharmaceutical alternative to Adderall is a result of reformulating the compounds in the popular drug to produce a similar product. While the company’s medical director says a direct comparison between the two drugs is difficult, other medical professionals are expressing concern regarding the chemicals included in the pill.

According to Gentech, the pill offers something stronger than what the consumer would find in a typical health food store, but less potent than the medicine included in an Adderall prescription. The pharmaceutical firm believes it has found a clear market niche.

The fact that these alternatives are listed as dietary supplements means they escape regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

While companies are required to demonstrate to the FDA that any ingredient engineered after 1994 is reasonably safe as a supplement, neither Nexgen nor Gentech submitted the proper notification to the FDA.

The fact that these Adderall alternatives contain synthetic amphetamines is enough to create concern. Consumers, including parents, could easily assume the product safe and effective simply because it is available.

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