“The Best Thing That Has Happened Since I Got Sober”

‘The Best Thing That Has Happened Since I Got Sober’Getting sober means much more than just ridding your life of the substance or behavior that fueled your addiction. It also means opening yourself up to a world of new opportunities, self-discoveries, experiences and emotions. Whether you have two years of sobriety or 20, blessed events and transformations abound – just ask these five sobriety bloggers. Addiction.com asked them to pick the single best thing that has happened since they got sober, though most couldn’t help but mention more.

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Jean Greer McCarthy, UnPickled and Addiction.com blogger
Sobriety date: March 20, 2011
The best thing that has happened since I got sober: “My first grandchild arrived last summer and I am so delighted to be soaking up every possible moment with him! I am overjoyed to be strong, healthy, reliable and wholly present for this exciting time of life.”


Jennifer Matesa

Jennifer Matesa, Guinevere Gets Sober, Addiction.com blogger and author of The Recovering Body: Physical and Spiritual Fitness for Living Clean and Sober
Sobriety date: January 3, 2010
The best thing that has happened since I got sober: “Before I got sober I felt only a shadow of love. It didn’t matter how many times people told me they loved me, the words were [like] raindrops rolling off a bird’s back. They dampened the feathers, but they never stuck … It’s very clear to me that given the shit I pulled in active addiction, my feet should not even be walking this planet. The only reason I’m still here is to give other people love. So when I say I’ve experienced true love, what I mean is this: The great exercise is not to look for ways to get [love], but for ways to give it away. When I find a way to do that, the love always comes back to me, multiplied. It’s a law of the universe and I can count on it the way I can count on the sun to warm my face if I turn in that direction. I don’t have to think about it, I don’t have to understand the principles of heat transfer or radiation. I just turn toward the source and it happens and it’s a gift.”

Josie Carr, The Miracle Is Around the Corner blogger
Sobriety date: January 27, 2012
The best thing that has happened since I got sober: “If I must pick one … [it’s] the peace I’ve found within myself. As far back as I can remember, I’ve been plagued with feelings of low self-worth, of being not quite good enough and a never-ending need to please those around me. These feelings were such a part of my life that I did not know there was another way to feel. Choosing recovery, doing the work to get and stay sober, changed my outlook completely. [It] gave me a set of tools not only to be sober but also to deal with all of life. This new perspective has given me a confidence in myself and an unshakable faith that all is as it should be and that all is possible!”



Julie Elsdon-Height, Sober Julie blogger
Sobriety date: February 6, 2010
The best thing that has happened since I got sober: “The best thing would be learning to love myself exactly as I am. Learning to see myself with my flaws and not shrink from any of me. Dropping the weight of shame was like seeing the world clearly for the first time.”

Veronica Valli, Recovery Rocks blogger and author of Why You Drink and How to Stop: Journey to Freedom
Sobriety date: May 2, 2000
The best thing that has happened since I got sober: “So many things, but top of my list would be meeting my husband and having two beautiful children. I have what’s called a ‘second-chance life.’ By rights, I should be dead. Recovery gave me the opportunity to have a life I never thought possible for someone like me. I have wanted a family to belong to ever since I can remember and I’m grateful every single day that I got this opportunity. Also publishing my book and hearing from so many people that it has helped them has been really amazing.”


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