Think You’re Happy To Make It So

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“If one thinks that one is happy, that is enough to be happy.” – Madame de la Fayette, French writer (1634-1693)

Happiness often seems so elusive, doesn’t it? There are days when it feels like nothing you can do results in the outcome you want. No matter how hard you try, it sometimes appears like you’re just treading water. It isn’t that you are backsliding or failing, but you’re not accomplishing what you believe will make you happy fast enough. Maybe it’s time for a change of outlook. How about the concept of thinking that you are happy in order to make it so? Could this possibly work? Why is it a good idea?

There’s a popular and well-founded recommendation that’s endorsed by recovery experts to think positively in order to influence outcomes. Put another way, if you see yourself succeeding in a certain task, project, and endeavor or undertaking, you’re much more likely to exert whatever effort is required to reach the desired accomplishment. Translate this to: think that you are happy and you will be happy.

Consider that what you think makes a profound difference in how you act, how long you work at whatever it is you’re trying to do, and what amount of effort you’ll exert when and if you encounter obstacles or resistance along the way. You’ve heard about people overcoming seemingly impossible hurdles and challenges, succeeding where no one thought they could. What could account for that? Could it be that they were motivated and inspired by an inner conviction, a vision that only they could see that showed them the path to success? Did this inner belief that they could do what others thought impossible somehow spur them on? Did thinking they were happy – being able to see this positive outcome in their minds – also have something to do with the ultimate conclusion?

While this may or may not be true, it’s always a good idea to consider various options and choices available in order to best determine the most likely-to-succeed approach. Going into any action with an optimistic and hopeful attitude will also help you feel happier, more at ease with your decision, and more satisfied with the results. It all seems to work together to contribute to your overall sense of happiness.

Put succinctly: think happy or, rather, think you are happy, in order to be happy.

This should be enough for anyone. Happiness is, after all, an internal emotional marker. It will manifest itself in different levels and degrees over time, but it is always there, just beneath the surface. The great thing about thinking you are happy to be happy is that happiness can be infectious. Others who see you are happy will notice the effect and it may very well influence their own day-to-day outlook.

What could be better than that? Not only are you happy, but others can absorb some of your happiness and make it their own.

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