Use Your Experiences Wisely

Use Your Experiences Wisely

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” – Auguste Rodin, French sculptor (1840-1917)

Use Your Experiences WiselyTime is such a precious commodity, isn’t it? We never seem to have enough of it, although we often waste it indiscriminately. Whether that time suck is due to procrastination, laziness, doubt, lack of skills, energy, resources or money, when we waste it, we know it. We also don’t achieve the results we might have if we’d used it a little more wisely.

How, then, can we make the best use of our time? How can we use our experiences to benefit whatever task, project, undertaking or pursuit we are contemplating – or need to take on? This is important, because there are many overlaps between what we want and have to do. This may account somewhat for ambivalence, which is in itself, a great drain on time. Let’s look at some ways to use our experiences wisely.

  • Consider everything we do as a learning experience. Whatever the outcome, if we learn something from it, we’re maximizing our experience and getting something good out of the effort.
  • Remember that nothing is a waste of time – if we’re fully committed to the effort and seek to learn something useful from it.
  • Keep a list of things we do well or projects and efforts we have succeeded in as a reminder of what works.
  • Listen to what’s worked well for others so that we gain helpful tips and strategies we can employ. Collaboration is a great teacher and motivator.
  • Do the best we can at all times. Recognize that instant success may not be possible and that continued effort may be required.
  • Envision a successful result. Instead of going into a project/task/challenge and thinking we’re likely to fail, see the outcome we hope for – and then take the steps necessary to help bring that dream into reality.
  • Seek support from those who have our back. Everyone runs into difficulty at some point and needs encouragement from others in order to proceed. Take advantage of such ready support and be willing to offer the same in return. In addition to giving us added incentive for continuing, we may learn something. Suggestions and advice freely given to us may provide insight that we hadn’t considered before.
  • Build on what we know. When we master a skill or complete a tough project, we’ve amassed a body of knowledge and added to our capabilities. Keep going from here and make use of our newly-found and hard-won abilities.

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