What Really Matters in Life

What Really Matters in Life

“It does not matter how long you are spending on the earth, how much money you have gathered or how much attention you have received. It is the amount of positive vibration you have radiated in life that matters.” – Amit Ray, Indian author and spiritual master (born 1960)

Everyone wants to believe that their life makes a difference. To that end, do we not all strive – at least now and then – to be an inspiration to others, to go out of our way to do something that’s unselfish and not motivated by expectation for personal gain? Do we not wish to be remembered more for our kindness and cheerfulness than the size of our bank account, number of possessions, or how many “likes” we get on our social media? What really matters in life can sometimes get clouded by the minutiae of daily living and all the stresses we’re exposed to.

But what does really matter in life? It certainly isn’t the accumulation of wealth or material things. It isn’t the social standing we enjoy in the community, among friends or even virtual friends. What matters, in the end, is the legacy we leave behind. What have we done that has contributed to making the world a little better place, brought a ray of sunshine into the world of someone who’s suffered any kind of pain, whether that is physical, emotional or other?What Really Matters in Life

The good thing about recognizing that there are things in life that matter more than others is that we can always change what we do to better reflect our desire to make a lasting impact. Note that this doesn’t mean striving for celebrity or a place in the history books. While we may indeed wind up with one or the other that should never be the goal. The truly memorable acts one does are those that are outward-focused, intended to help others in some small way.

It doesn’t need to be anything costly or time-consuming, but it should be consistent. Start by examining our attitude today. Are we looking forward to the day ahead? Do we have plans to do something that causes us to push our comfort level a bit and go outside of ourselves and our own concerns to see what we can do for someone else? Is there a positive side of the problems, issues, tasks, or challenges that we can look at to somehow find a better way to deal with them?

Being positive and adopting a proactive view of life doesn’t mean we’ll always be successful. It does mean, however, that the dark side of situations won’t seem as dark, lonely or unsolvable. We’ll be better able to weather the storm of indecision, doubt and temporary setbacks. We’re much more likely to identify and make use of appropriate allies and resources to assist in completing our tasks and achieving our goals. Beyond that, we may begin to realize that positive actions we undertake have a lasting impression on others.

In short, we inspire by our actions. How memorable is that? In one way of looking at it, we are creating positive vibrations, little ripples of positivity that extend outward and become a welcoming wave of lasting impression.

At the end of life, the size of a bank account doesn’t matter. Multiple residences will not provide solace. Being named the most popular whatever will not ease the way into whatever comes beyond this life. Having lived a life of purpose and meaning, being true to ourselves, helping others as much as we can – this is what really matters. And we can each strive to achieve this a little bit each day until it becomes second nature.

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