You Create Opportunities

create a spark of opportunity

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” – Chris Grosser

How many times do you find yourself thinking, if only I had this (fill in the blank), I could do that (another fill in the blank), or when I get to this level, I’ll be able to take advantage of that opportunity? The truth is that everyone does this kind of thinking from time to time, sometimes to give ourselves an out or to buy time, maybe because we feel we’re not yet ready to engage in the work required to achieve a desired outcome, perhaps even that we feel undeserving of success – or that we fear failure. It’s sometimes just easier to coast, to do nothing, and hope that opportunities will come by again when we are ready.

Guess what? Opportunities aren’t something that just happens. They’re not lying around waiting for you to pick them up and run with, like a ball you carry down the field to victory. If we’re going to be brutally honest about it, opportunities are created – and you create them. Granted, certain conditions may need to exist or a cadence of sorts has to happen in order to motivate you to move on an opportunity that you envision – but it’s you that does the envisioning, and it’s also you that has to take the initiative to act upon that vision that you see.

There’s a lot of positivity in the fact that you create opportunities. For one thing, this means that you have endless chances to figure out new avenues to explore, make decisions about which approaches might work best to solve a particular problem, address an issue, broaden your horizons or expand your knowledge. It’s all opportunity and it’s available to you every day of your life.

The bridge that many need to cross before being able to recognize that we create our own opportunities, however, is realizing that we do have this power and capability. Far too many of us sell ourselves short, as if we’re unworthy of such weighty and momentous decisions or incapable of taking decisive action when we know in our hearts that this is the right time and place for us to do so. We often fall back into our chair in a slump, telling ourselves we’ll look at this tomorrow and banish the thought from our mind like a pesky fly we’re trying to shoo.

Seize the initiative. Once you see an opportunity, go after it. Even if you make small progress toward the goal, it’s still progress, still forward movement. You’re doing something active toward achieving a vision that you see and desire and hope to accomplish.

Beyond this initial opportunity are many others – and they will be ones that you’re able to discern more clearly once you’re underway.

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