Take Off Your Mask This Halloween – Oooh, Now THAT’S Scary!

I loved Halloween when I was a kid because it was the time I got to pretend I was somebody else!  It was fun to not be me.  I craved to not be me!  Prior to recovery, as a practicing addict, I put on many different masks that kept my true self hidden from the world.  I pretended I wasn’t using.  I faked that I was OK.  I told myself that this was my last time or that I could handle it.  I wore all kinds of masks in order to keep the truth from myself and others.  I lied all day long!

The problem is that wearing a bunch of masks to cover up my authentic self took the life out of my soul, crushed the joy out of my spirit, and allowed the addict to almost kill me.

Many addicts are so consumed by the masks they wear that they are completely disconnected from who they truly are.  They actually believe they are the masks.  They’ve been going along to get along for so long that the fire to be authentic and free is almost out.

Recovery commands us to take our masks off, which is a scary thing to do, especially in early recovery.  We can’t ultimately stay sober and continue to present false selves to the world.

  • Where in your life are you hiding and pretending to be someone you’re not?
  • Are you afraid to let people really know your fears, pains and insecurities?
  • What would it take to throw away the masks forever? Is that even possible?

These are good questions to think about.  If you’re willing to remove a mask or two, I promise you will begin to feel so fantastic that you’ll wonder why it took you so long.  You also will discover who your true friends are because you deserve to be associated only with them and those who want to know you.

Most importantly, your recovery will flourish and you will trudge the road of happy destiny with a great group of people who are also learning how to take their masks off.  Please know this — you require no costume or mask because you, yourself are beautiful!

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